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Hallertau Brewbar

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Business Type: Brewbar


Freshly brewed with all natural ingredients – every drop is hopping good beer. Pop out to our Brewbar & Restaurant in Riverhead, Auckland to drink it fresh from the tanks, or find our NZ micro beer at a local near you.

Address: 1171 Coatesville Riverhead Hwy, Riverhead, Auckland Auckland North & West


Beer breweries big and small are all touting purity and natural ingredients these days. It’s brilliant. But it should be a given with craft beer.

After the mash has settled what we all really want is a good liquid mood enhancer – full of aromas, enlivening flavours and great hop character. We make our beer with our hands and use only yeast, rainwater, and fistfuls of hops. It’s all about subtle differences in varieties and combinations.

Our Story

It started with a bathtub and a box of old beer bottles…

Born out of one man’s desire to do some good on this earth and a girl by his side as confident and capable as him – Stephen and Hayley Plowman brought to life the oasis that Hallertau is today. Nestled amongst the rolling farmland of Riverhead in Auckland, this brewbar and restaurant in one, is a culinary persuasion that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Specialising in their own distinctive, unpasteurised and unfiltered craft beers. Hallertau restaurant and brew bar is an epicurean delight. These NZ beers with their own local brewing style taking interpretation from the best of international styles and flavours in their own organic, unique and fresh way!

“I’m a fanatic not a purist, and simply put, that means I’m all about throwing convention out the window to get the best product!”

From rocks to hops, Stephen Plowman, a true man of integrity spent endless days in his youth sampling and taste testing many a beverage, experimenting on how to home brew,  little beknownst to him that he was a man with a destiny. His degree in rocks and soil gave him the desire for a crisp, fresh beer at the end of each hard long day.

Youthful and full of vigour Steve’s craft beer journey notched up a gear while rock hopping in Western Australia. His keen home brew experiments and hops growing developed into a more structured road for his future when he stumbled upon a course in micro brewing offered at Margaret River. This detour from geology refined the young geologist into the brewing master he is today.

“We’re not interested in being a “flash in the pan” kind of place, we have long term aspirations to look after our regulars and let the world find us while we’re taking care of our own.”

Thanks to Hayley’s personality and drive along with Stephen’s vision for “making the best craft beer in the country!” Hallertau beer bar was born in 2005. A NZ first, this family run boutique operation, shares their love of brewing and basic principles of epicurean lifestyle with customers and friends alike.

Drop in sometime and experience our world class beer bar, food and hospitality!

Stephen and Hayley Plowman

Hours of work

Hallertau Brewbar & Restaurant

Open: Mon – Sun, 11am – Midnight
Lunch, Dinner and All Day Grazing


Try NZ’s finest craft beer and micro beer at Hallertau Brewbar and Restaurant
Just 20 minutes drive from the city along State Highway 16.
1171 Coatesville Riverhead Hwy, Riverhead, Auckland

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Hallertau Brewbar

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