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Maruia Springs Thermal Resort

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Business Type: Resort


Maruia Springs remote location allows you to relax away from the stress and technology of your everyday life (please note: there is no mobile phone coverage). We are different from other hotels you may have stayed in as we do not have TVs, radios.

Address: State highway 7 Lewis pass, Maruia Springs, South island New Zealand Christchurch & Canterbury

Phone: view phone+6435238840



Travel deep into the heart of the Southern Alps to the parklands of the Lewis Pass, where snowcapped mountains surround and steam billows from natural hot spring pools, and discover a natural thermal wonderland that begs to be explored. For here on the banks of the Maruia River, in a sheltered valley in the Lewis Pass, is Maruia Springs , a unique tourist mountain hideaway with a more than a little touch of Japan.

Set beside the Maruia River, each thermal pool is a perfectly formed tarn, built from the smoothest of river rocks. For extra privacy, individual spas and hot pools overlooking the river, mountains and rock strewn valley, are available, while a traditional Japanese bathhouse provides segregated public bathing, to relax and unwind.

19 alpine lodge style guestrooms offer panoramic mountain vistas. At the main building, Shuzan – an Asian fusion restaurant – and a comfortable guest lounge with Wireless internet Café/Bar. Breakfast, Light lunch, Dinner and snacks are available throughout the day.

Maruia Springs is located in natural, tranquil surroundings. It provides a special place to escape the crowds and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit in healing, mineral-laden hot thermal pools, whilst enjoying the natural outdoors beauty of the Lewis Pass National Reserve.

Our Hot Springs are totally natural.

Set beside the soothing waters of the Maruia River, the hot pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and temperatures, but each is a perfectly formed tarn, built from smoothest rocks, tumbled and gathered from the river.

Due to its high mineral content, the thermal water has healing properties, and it’s thought to be particularly beneficial for detoxifying and softening the skin. No chemicals are added to change its composition, so the colour palette of the pools changes daily.

Today’s hot spring water fell as rain more than 100 years ago. It seeped down through deep fissures in the mountains and remained in underground reservoirs before it was heated and pushed back up to the surface through the vents at Maruia Springs. Basically it’s the same water with new packaging – hot, with a sulphur content of one milligram per kilogram of water.

Its colour, temperature and flow rate can vary from day to day, and is dependant on the weather patterns and variation is especially noticable after heavy rain, snow or drought. We will do our best to maintain the pool temperatures in the vicinity of 40 degrees, however sometimes it is difficult to achieve this. If you are concerned about the pool condition of the day, please feel free to contact our reception before your arrival.

Hours of work

Mon - Sun: until 9th February 2015.


State highway 7 Lewis pass, Maruia Springs, South island New Zealand

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Maruia Springs Thermal Resort

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