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Best free caves to explore

Did you know there are many stunning short cave systems where you can explore the underground world free of charge?

Great Fresh Seafood Outlets (NI)

If you are a traveller with a penchant for fresh seafood, New Zealand has a wealth of new taste experiences throughout the three islands.

Unusual Places to Stay

New Zealand has a reputation for luxury lodges in idyllic settings, quality hotels and value-for-money backpackers’ hostels.
But there’s also a whole raft of unusual ......

Best rocky lookout peaks (NI)

New Zealand is a long, insular and mountainous country with countless incredible landscape panoramas from lofty heights.
To reach these vantage points and soak up the views invariably requires a lot of physical effort but the rewards are huge.

Most interesting bridges (SI)

Because of its climate and topography, New Zealand has more bridges, on a population basis, than any other country in the world. Suspension bridges are most common as ‘swing bridges’ on tramping tracks.

Great Fresh Seafood Outlets (SI)

New Zealanders have had a strong affinity with the sea since the earliest days of Maori settlement of our three wave-lashed islands.

Found 6 records

Order by: