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Game Bird Hunting in New Zealand

Game bird hunting is one of the great social recreational sports in New Zealand, great for exercise and spending time outdoors with friends and family. It is also a privilege; we must all maintain high hunting standards by being an ideal hunter

Hunting and Fishing Licences

YOU MUST PURCHASE AND SIGN YOUR LICENCE BEFORE YOU GO FISHING OR HUNTING. You must then have your licence with you whenever you are fishing or hunting or carrying assembled fishing or hunting gear.

Freshwater Fishing in New Zealand

Wherever you go in New Zealand, north or south, inland or near the coast, you are likely to be close by to some pretty good trout fishing.

NZ Freshwater Fishing Species

Read more about each fish species including behavior, favourite habitats, appearance, origins and average weights.

NZ Game Bird Species

New Zealand is home to a range of game birds, each with their own particular characteristics and preferences.

New licences for overseas anglers

Fish & Game New Zealand is launching new licences for overseas anglers who visit the country to fish for longer than a day or so.

Bringing Equipment into NZ

Important Information for freshwater anglers bringing used fishing equipment to New Zealand

Found 7 records

Order by: