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West Coast: Wonderous coastline

Published: 11/21/2012 by westcoastnz

Stretching North to South some 600km, the West Coast Region of the South Island of New Zealand is a long, thin piece of paradise no wider than 70km at any one point – about the same distance as from Auckland to Wellington!  The wild Tasman Sea pounds its coastline covered in temperate coastal forest, from the red flowered Ratas to the native yellow Kowhai.

If you’re planning coastal exploration on the West Coast this holiday or vacation, make sure you take the opportunity to really experience the natural wonders of this fascinating place. Be sure to allow enough driving time, for stop-offs to visit fur seal colonies, see dolphins and penguins and take in some of New Zealand’s most sensational scenery.

Explore the coastal wonders of the West Coast, visit Punakaiki Pancake Rocks.

Discover the personality of the West Coast’s coastal towns, from Karamea in the North to Jackson Bay in the South.

West Coast Kayaking

Rated as one of the top five extreme kayaking destinations in the world, the West Coast region offers expert kayakers the adrenaline pumping action they crave!

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West Coast: Wonderous coastline